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Pixie Pop (Gokkun! Pucho)

Pixie Pop, or the original name Gokkun! Pucho, is a 3 volume long manga about a girl who meets a little pixie. The girl, Mayu, is starting her first day of high school and has to sit beside the boy whom she confessed her love to on the last day of elementary school and rejected her. Her family owns a cafe and Mayu is very picky about what she drinks. When she gets home after her first day of school and starts cry into one of her drinks after think about the first time she met this boy. After her tears fall into the drink is starts to turn all of the colours of the rainbow. She passes this off as one of her mother’s experiments and drinks it anyway. Right after she does this little pixie comes out and gets angry at her, telling her that drink was what she needed to become an adult. Mayu thinks that she’s dreaming and drinks some milk to wake herself up (I don’t know why) but all this does is make her grow into a giant. From that point on anything she drinks, with the exception of water, makes her magically transform. The story is about unrequited love, not exactly my personal favourite, but to each their own.

Here is a website with a brief plot synopsis and series info as well as some customer reviews


If you want to read this manga but aren’t sure if you’d actually buy it, you can read it on various online manga sites. It’s a good way to screen out the ones that aren’t worth the money.

Here’s a cool little video a fan put together summarizing the story

Image from http://princesslilo.wordpress.com/2007/06/27/pixie-pop-rules/

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Pop Pixie

This tv show hasn’t been released yet, but is a spin-off of the popular kids show Winx Club, which I previously discussed here. In Winx Club, a show about a girl named Bloom who finds out she’s a fairy and goes off to fairy school, each of the fairies have a little pixie that follows them around. Apparently these pixies were a big hit with viewers because the creators decided to give them their own show. According to http://unadinoi.wordpress.com/2009/06/04/new-series-pop-pixie/ the show was set to be released either spring or fall of 2010, as spring has passed I would assume it will come out in the fall. And there will be 52 13- 15 minute episodes.

Image from http://wwww.fanpop.com/spots/the-winx-club/images/12529864/title/pop-pixie-photo

Here is the website to be, as of currently it only says coming soon, but I’m sure this link will be of more use when the show comes out and the site is updated http://www.poppixie.com/coming.php

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Fairy Tatoos

Here are some cool fairy tattoos


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This is a cheesy little movie from the 90′s that is both a coming of age story and a concert on film. The story is about this young girl who gets a bike for her birthday, but when she gets it she realizes that she can’t ride it. She doesn’t want her friends to know that she can’t ride a bike because they might laugh at her and falls into a bout of self-pity. At this point a ‘troll’ appears in a tree and tells her that she can give the girl the secret to riding a bicycle, but first she must do a favour. The troll gives her a ticket that lets her go into a tree to this underground world, which is a theatre. The troll gets her to be a backstage assistant and then tells her that the production was for a birthday party and the birthday boy was missing, so the girl has to go find him. During this time she meets various people and then these people perform on stage in front of an audience also dressed up as ‘trolls’, which just means they have some feathers and glitter on, but it looks like a live filming of a concert. Some of the performers are Robert Munsch, Fred Penner, Rockapella, etc. So the girl follows a trail of broken candles and ends up finding the birthday boy, who is a dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon doesn’t want to go on stage to blow out the candles because he can’t blow fire, which he must do on this birthday. The girl then motivates the dragon to just keep trying and to believe in himself and not to give up, and then he ends up breathing fire and lighting his birthday cake. The troll sends the girl back to her own world but before she can tell her how to ride a bike the girl says that she already knows what she has to do and then just keeps practising until she can ride.

This clip can be found in the clip below, so if you’re going to watch that skip this… but if you aren’t going to sit through 15 minutes, here’s the clip with the troll.

I really liked this movie when I was a kid, cheesiness and all. I liked watching the performances and I liked the story too. Definitely not the best of the 90′s but fun none the less.

Here is the first part of the movie. In this clip there are the artists Rockapella, Jackie Richardson, and Robert Munch telling Mortimer

Here’s a site with a little bit more information http://kensingtontv.com/web/index.php?id=9

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John Anster Fitzgerald

A British painter who lived 1819-1906.


Images from http://www.artmagick.com/pictures/artist.aspx?artist=john-anster-fitzgerald

This artist’s work was displayed on the collection of OR Melling’s first three books titled The Chronicles of Faerie

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Fairy Tattoo Article

This is a really short, light article about why people like getting faerie tattoos


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Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham has created some of my favourite faerie art. Chances are that his work or style will be familiar to those who have never heard of him before and are not into fairy art. He was an english illustrator who live from 1867 – 1939.

Here is a website dedicated to his work http://rackham.artpassions.net/

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