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This site has a collection of bags, jewelry, and other accessories for the ‘free spirit’ (as the website states frequently). The products on this site are fun and whimsical and very ‘alternative/ gypsy-ish’. Chances are that you’ll have seen things like this somewhere else, but the prices are reasonable and the products are interesting.



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Fairy Swatter

Do you have Cottington-esque fairies bugging you day and night? Are you sick and tired of having to deal with whiny, pesky sprites that wont give you to minutes of peace? Well maybe you should try to fairy swatter! To kill them fairies dead! (but not really).


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Faerie Fan Vid

A video with of scenes of a ‘faerie’ walking through a forest mixed with scenes of someone pointing to pictures in fairy books or wildlife shots. The person put a bit of effort into making it. It’s kind of artsy and a bit amateur but the music’s nice. The two songs are “Sora’s Folktale” by Yoko Kanno and “Fairy Child” by The Dreamside.

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Got a scrape? Scratch? Massive bleeding from a small area on your body? Why not pick up a tin of Accoutrements Ultra- Cutesy Little Fairy Bandages! Yes there are fairy shaped bandages… not that anyone would be surprised by this of course. http://www.accoutrements.com/shop/products/Fairy-Bandages.html

The tin includes 15 fairy shaped bandages (as shown above)  and a free toy. There are a lot of other funny or interesting bandages on the website, such as bacon shaped bandages, pickle shaped bandages, lip shaped bandages, mustache shaped bandages, cupcake shaped bandages etc. You can check out the selection here http://www.accoutrements.com/shop/categories/Bandages/

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Fairy in the Garden

This video has a woman video taping kids in the back yard and they come upon something interesting near an old tree.

It’s obviously staged, but the cg’s pretty good.

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Michael Parkes

Parkes is an imaginary realism artist. His style is a sort of uncertain combination of old and new that I’m not sure I like, but the figures are skillfully painted and the compositions on the whole are quite nice to look at.  Here’s his website http://www.theworldofmichaelparkes.com/html/home.asp

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