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This is a really interesting book on herbs and other plants. The book is not more than 200 pages so is obviously not as extensive as other herbal guide, but it’s still very interesting.

The book states that a faerie is the life force of nature, plant energy if you will. The authors come to this conclusion because they say faeries can be found in nature, like dryads in trees, gnomes in hills, etc. The purpose of this book is essentially to merge meditation or a spiritual mentality with gardening, or what the authors call ‘green gardening’.

Each herb’s description is approximately 2 pages long and is accompanied with a picture of a faerie. What I really like about this book is that it isn’t all spiritual or all medical, but it’s a combination of both. The authors provide a short description of the plant and how to use/ store/ gather/ preserve it. Then they provide a short historical or mythological context for the plant and it’s healing uses, home remedy like stuff. Then, after that, they give you a little recipe you can use the herb in or a recipe to make a product of some sort. As the book is not very long the author’s do not get too deep into every plant and they give different information on different plants, but it’s still a very interesting read.


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This is a short picture book about a trio of leprechauns who are hurrying to put the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Along the way they decide to play a few pranks for the humans to find.

This isn’t the most exciting book, but it has a bit of humour and  the illustrations are brightly coloured.

Here’s a video of a woman reading the entire book.

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Gretchen Kelly

Kelly is an American artist with a very modern, whimsical style of painting. Faerie-wise, there are a few mermaid pics and underwater deities. Here are the artist’s websites. http://www.gretchenkellyart.com/, http://www.dailypainters.com/artists/artist_gallery/625/Gretchen-Kelly, http://www.gretchenkellyart.blogspot.com/

But there is a lot of other work that is really lovely, so I recommend you check it out.

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Fairy Finger Puppets

Fairy-shaped finger puppets for the kids! Not the prettiest things, but they’ll do their job.


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Nereids are sea creatures in Greek mythology. They are the 50 daughters of the sea-god, Nereus and the sea goddess (and half-sister of Nereus), Doris. They are beautiful women who are friendly to sailors and are said to have the powers of prophecy. They live in the Mediterranean sea and are often depicted riding a dolphin or  seahorse or another sea creature. They are also in Poseidon’s retinue, which we see reflected in astronomy. Nereid is the name of the third largest moon for the planet Neptune (the roman name for Poseidon).

This is a good site with a lot of information including where Nereids can be found in literary epics such as the Iliad and other mythological sources. http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Nereides.html

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Ok, Technically this has nothing to do with faeries… but it’s a good song 😛 And if you use a little imagination, ‘Can’t you see the glitter in their eyes’ ? Definitely galmour 😉

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The Iron Fairies

This website has some nice little iron figurines of fairies. The website is interactive and has a little reading comprehension game. The site was a little bit glitchy for me, but it seems to work for the most part. There are a few other products on the site such as jewelry and something called a fairy bag, which is a regular cloth bag from the looks of it. http://www.theironfairies.com/


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