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This piece of music seems to be largely considered a satire or a parody rather than a legitimate piece of music, and if you click on the picture and enlarge it you’ll see ridiculous things written on the score like ‘light explosives now’ or ‘release the penguins’. I took about a year of piano when I was a kid so I’m not musically literate enough to know whether or not playing this would actually be feasible. It’s apparently some sort of phenomenon however and people are trying to play it on YouTube.

I found a blog post that is supposedly by this man’s nephew http://lostinthecloudblog.com/2010/03/13/john-stump-composer-of-faeries-aire-and-death-waltz/ so you can check out his story there.

This is a video of a group of people who actually play the piece. The first half of it is a history of the piece, so if you want to skip that the actual playing starts at 3:50.

This is one of the attempts. A few people put the notes through computer programs, so you can look those up if you so choose, but I find this to be more impressive. And it’s actually a really cool song! Like I would listen to it in my free time cool! I don’t know if it’s accurate or if it even resembles the sheet music (illiterate) but I don’t really care. It’s good.


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Faerie Figurines

Here are some cool faerie figurines from http://www.enchantedcrystals.com/faeries.html

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Faerie Podcast

The website http://faeriemagick.com/believe/ is a really cool site about faerie lore and one of the website facilitators, Fiona Broome, has put out a free mini podcast! The podcasts are pretty short, and the narrator explains this before she goes into the topic of the episode by saying that she doesn’t put that much into the podcasts so that she can do research. The podcast seems to be more for people who are just getting into faerie culture, but for those who know their stuff and have been long time fans of the fae, I’m sure you’ll be at least a little bit interested in what she has to say. She doesn’t go into too much detail, but it’s a faerie podcast!!

Here’s the link on their site http://faeriemagick.com/believe/faeries-little-faeries-in-history/.

You can also go to itunes to listen to them without downloading them http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/faerie-magick-podcasts/id202824410

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Some fairy themed Sabbath!!

The lyrics

Goin home, late last night
Suddenly I got a fright
Yeah I looked through the window and surprised what I saw
Fairy boots were dancing with a dwarf,

All right now!

Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
Yeah I saw it, I saw it, I tell you no lies
Yeah fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it, I saw it with my own two eyes,

Well all right now!

So I went to the doctor
See what he could give me
He said son, son, you’ve gone too far.
cause smokin and trippin is all that you do.

Find courtesy of http://www.tonycicero.com/

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Ewoks are the little furry guys from Star Wars when they go to that forested planet. When I was a kid one of my relatives gave me an Ewoks video, and this was before I knew what Star Wars was, so I always thought it was a stand alone show about these magical bears in the woods. Anywho, the Ewoks are not faeries if that’s what you think I’m getting at, but in one episode they battle this evil queen who casts a spell on some pixie like beings, and they end up setting fire to the forest.Then it’s up to Wicket and gang to put it out.

Here’s the show intro

The episode with the pixie beings is called ‘The Cries of the Trees’, which is the first episode. It’s in pieces on youtube

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This a self-helpish book for children teaching them about sharing.The story is about a young fairy and she’s very selfish. She doesn’t let anyone play on her tree or take the apples off the tree and she’s a little but mean to people. After she sends other fairies and animals away from her things and she’s alone she’s happy at first, but then finds that she’s a little bit lonely. She realizes that things aren’t as good when you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with. After the story the book has a few fun fairy facts too.

There is another book in the series called The Fairies Tell Us About Compassion.

This description is from Scholar’s Choice:

The Fairies Tell Us stories are set in the land of fairies and enhanced with beautiful colour illustrated forest landscapes populated with animals and fairies. Each story presents a gently told lesson for boys and girls to learn about dealing with their friends and treating them considerately. Pages at the back of the book are devoted to fairy lore, facts about nature, and discussion points pertaining to the book’s story. In The Fairies Tell Us About Sharing, it’s springtime in the Forest of Dreams, and little Keyla the Fairy is waiting for her apple tree to come into bloom. But she refuses to share her land with the birds, butterflies, and her other friends because she’s afraid they will damage the tree and prevent it from bearing blossoms and fruit. As time passes she begins to feel lonely and sad, and she begins to realize her mistake. She hurries to her friends and apologizes to them, inviting them to join her at her tree. She realizes at last that being generous makes everybody happy, including herself.

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Ben Goossens

Ben Goossens is a surrealist photographer from Belgium.

Take a look at more of his work on this site here. It has a short biography and a few selected works.  http://photo.net/photodb/user?user_id=484267

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