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Gnome Chompsky (a play on the name Noam Chomsky) is a garden gnome that played a small part in the computer games Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, both are sci- fi first person shooters.

Here is an excerpt form knowyourmeme.com:

Gnome Chompski was originally found in the 2007 game Half Life 2: Episode 2. Known then as the Garden Gnome, it had to be carried throughout the length of the game in order for the player to earn the “Little Rocket Man” achievement.

The Gnome then reappeared in the 2009 game Left 4 Dead 2 where he was given the name Gnome Chompski. On this occasion he had to be carried though the Dark Carnival campaign, which was easier, but still a bit tricky.

With the release of the DLC “The Passing” in 2010, it brought with it a set a mini game modes. When the fourth one, “Last Gnome on Earth” was released, this image was released on the official Left 4 Dead Blog.

I have not played either Half Life 2 or Left 4 Dead 2, so I do not know this little guy from actually playing the games. I found out about him because of a fan vid promoting a non-existent computer game, that looks like it would be pretty fun to play.


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Those Who Hunt Elves

This is a manga and an anime series about three people from earth. A martial artist, an actress, and a trigger happy high school girl. They get transported to a world with elves and magic with their tank (yes like the army kind) but they lose the spell that will send them back to Japan; and this spell has split into five parts and have attached themselves to the skin of 5 elves, like a tattoo. So the three have to travel this world, fighting weird monsters as they go, searching for elves to undress so that they can go home.

I have not seen the whole thing, but it seems to be your average hormonal teenage boy anime. The dialogue is kind of cheesy and the art is mediocre at best. Though the plot is about a group of people searching the world to undress females, there is no nudity.

The manga was written by Yu Yagami.

Here’s a fan summarizing the series in a few words. The outfit says it all.

And here’s the first episode

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Rosa Grueso (Nenúfar Blanco)

Grueso is a fairy artist from Spain that creates faerie dolls. She has a lot of really cool work so be sure to check out her galleries. http://www.nenufar-blanco.com/

And here is her Flickr profile http://www.flickr.com/photos/nenufar-blanco/

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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

This is a Play Station 2 role-playing game. Neopets is a website that allows users to create and care for virtual pets that live in the online world of Neopia. The video game is based on the website and takes place in Neopia. Two heroes must save the faerie kingdom from the dark faerie.

These are some in-game videos

Here’s a player video with a few scenes from the game

This is the neopets website page for the game http://www.neopets.com/thedarkestfaerie/index.phtml

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Melanie Delon

A fantasy artist who uses primarily Photoshop to illustrate her art. Her work is really beautiful, be sure to check out the rest at her site http://www.melaniedelon.com/

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Dark Faerie Make-up

Here’s a site teaching you how apply a ‘dark faerie’ make-up look. http://www.makeupgeek.com/tutorials/halloween-makeup-dark-fairy/

Here’s the instructional video

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