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Happy Fairy Day!

It’s that time of year again!! Time to reflect on and appreciate the magic and fantasy of every day life. Make sure to go outside today and revel in all growing things, and the fairies that might be lurking nearby. Above all, your mission for today is to approach life through the eyes of the child you once were. Innocence and wonder are the words of the day, use them wisely and have fun!

As always you can visit the fairy day website for some ideas on how to make the day a bit more special http://www.fairyday.com/index.html.

You can send some fairy day ecards to your friends and relatives also. The website above has some card selections available, but I like these sites better myself http://www.gardenfairy.com/ecards.htm


So have a good one folks! Try to spend some time with a small child, that will probably help you get in touch with your inner child.


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This is a short by Disney’s Silly Symphonies. The story of the water babies was written by Rev. Charles Kingsley. More info on this in a previous post here.


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K.jun and 97bzo

K. j u n (Hyung jun Kim) and 9 7 b z o (Eun hee Choi) are a husband and wife team from Korea. They work with various CG programs, they say which on their website. Some of the information is in Korean however, so if you don’t understand, that could pose a problem.

They have more than fantasy art in their repertoire so be sure to check out the rest of their work hereĀ  http://www.kjun.org/

These are by K.jun

And these are by 97bzo

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This is a coming of age fantasy about a boy who is fascinated with trolls, but he’s reached an age where believing in trolls has stopped being acceptable. The boy goes in search for a troll one day after his mother has told them they don’t exist. Since the book he reads about trolls says that they live under bridges, he goes in search the bridge that is hiding the troll he believes exists. Fate allows him to meet a series of adults who give him information, but all of these adults tell him that trolls do not exist. He eventually finds what he is looking for, finds that his new friends are in trouble, and has to save them.

This is a made for tv movie… and you can really tell. I have only ever seen this on the internet, but other reviewers have stated the poor quality so it’s not just me. It looks a little bit better than a home movie, but if you grew up with this I’m sure nostalgia will equip you with a pair of rose-coloured glasses. The plot sounds like a good idea, but the actual product falls short of the mark. Labyrinth does a much better job at conveying this story line, but if you are willing to overlook the poor production and the cheesy story line you will find an acceptable family film.

The whole thing is currently cut up on youtube

And here is the IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086996/

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Hongjie Cao

A digital fantasy artist with some very enchanting illustrations. There is a very soft quality to the pictures that is slightly reminiscent of a hand-drawn piece, which I enjoy.

As a warning to those who will follow the link to the artist’s work, the first illustration is of a nude fairy, so be prepared for that.


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The ladybug girl books are about a young girl who likes to dress up as a ladybug and goes on adventures of self-discovery and fun. In the first book, Ladybug Girl, she goes out to play baseball with her older brother. Her brother turns her away however saying that she’s too small to play with him and his friends. She gets angry about this, but then goes off on her own imaginative adventure as ladybug girl, almost like a little superhero, proving that she’s not that small after all! It’s a fun book and I liked the illustrations.

This is a video of someone reading the book. There are videos on people reading other books in the series as well if you’d like to look those up.

This is the book’s webpage. It has games, colouring pages, and of course links to buy the books. http://www.ladybuggirl.com/index.html

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Faerie Solitaire

Here’s a faerie themed version of solitaire

Here’s a free download of the game http://www.spintop-games.com/board_game_download/faerie_solitaire.html

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