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I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon this great site featuring play based learning. The activities of an elementary school was featured and they were making their own fairy garden!

This is a great activity for you to do with kids you know or see on a regular basis, because it’s something they can do with materials around the house, and it’s something they can go back to and keep working on and adding to. Some items you can use are popsicle sticks, egg carton cups, toilet paper rolls, etc. You can also use this as a chance to expand or introduce an interest in growing and caring for a plant.

The site is a wonderful resource for anyone interacting with children, take a look at some of the other posts as well as the fairy garden.



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Joanna Woźniak

Joanna Woźniak is a Polish photographer that skillfully captures beautifully ethereal shots of movement and emotion.


Here is her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joanna-Wo%C5%BAniak-Photography/10150137159165416

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I have had some questions about my name, Elfdart, so I thought that now would be as good a time as any to explain its meaning.

In times past,when people believed more heavily in faeries and the like, things that could not be otherwise understood were explained through what we now know as mythology. Things like heart attacks or strokes were some of these freak occurrences with no explanation. In the Celtic tradition, having a stroke was explained as an attack by an elf.

An innocent individual goes riding along on their horse and for some reason or another, a faerie decides to shoot him with a bow and arrow and the person is struck down paralyzed. Friends of the victim searched the area for some kind of weapon and found a small stone arrowhead (maybe from the stone ages or something, thinking scientifically) and concluded that the small arrowhead was elf shot, elf bolt or an ‘elf dart’. That elf dart in turn caused the poor person to suffer what was called Elf Stroke, a stroke basically. That is actually were we get the word stroke from.

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This is a computer game for PCs only, so if you’re a mac user you’re out of luck this time round.

The object of this game is to discover the secret of the fair queen, which you can do by traveling to different areas, playing various games and completing some quests.

Here are some screen shots of the game in action

Here is a promotional video from BigFishGames

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David Revoy

David Revoy is a digital artist from France. I really like that way the colours blend together in his work. The colours come together really nicely creating a soft ethereal effect. This is his website here http://www.davidrevoy.com/portfolio.html

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Tomasz Maronski

Tomasz Maronski is a very talented digital fantasy artist.

Here are two websites featuring his artwork.  http://maronski.itsartmag.com/


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Is a child in your life celebrating a birthday anytime soon? Well if you live within driving distance of Mississauga, Canada you just might want to throw your child a fairy themed birthday party at a place called Alpha’s Discovery Club!! This company specializes in themed children’s birthday parties, and fairy is on the menu.

This is a description for the ‘I believe in Fairies’ party from the website here:

  • A beautiful fairy and her assistant will lead the children in various fairy-theme activities such as storytelling, dress-up, dancing and fairy games.
  • We provide a trunk with beautiful fairy costumes and accessories for your guests to wear during the party.
  • We sprinkle fairy dust (glitter) on the guests and apply some light makeup.
  • Children will create a fairy theme craft such as jewelery. All craft supplies are included.
  • The fairy and her assistant will organize and facilitate theme party games and a prize for each child.
  • The fairy will lead the group in singing Happy Birthday to the birthday child and present her with a special birthday gift.

There is also the ‘Fairy- Pirate Adventure’ which is more action based and suitable for both boys and girls.

I’ve actually been to this place for a birthday party. The one I went to was a princess party, but I’m sure the fairy theme is just as amazing as what I saw when I went there. This organization does more than just theme some napkins and decorate the room accordingly, the party is actually an adventure for the children invited. It isn’t just a party, it’s a program. There is an objective, or a goal the children must accomplish, and they get to make crafts and get dressed up on the way to achieving that goal. Well, needless to say I was really impressed. If you are able to go there for your child’s party, do it.

Check out the website, there are many other themes http://alphasdiscoveryclub.com/index.html

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