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I have had some questions about my name, Elfdart, so I thought that now would be as good a time as any to explain its meaning.

In times past,when people believed more heavily in faeries and the like, things that could not be otherwise understood were explained through what we now know as mythology. Things like heart attacks or strokes were some of these freak occurrences with no explanation. In the Celtic tradition, having a stroke was explained as an attack by an elf.

An innocent individual goes riding along on their horse and for some reason or another, a faerie decides to shoot him with a bow and arrow and the person is struck down paralyzed. Friends of the victim searched the area for some kind of weapon and found a small stone arrowhead (maybe from the stone ages or something, thinking scientifically) and concluded that the small arrowhead was elf shot, elf bolt or an ‘elf dart’. That elf dart in turn caused the poor person to suffer what was called Elf Stroke, a stroke basically. That is actually were we get the word stroke from.


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