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There are many schools of thought as to what a faerie is or what they do, but a pretty common belief is that there are the faeries that will harm you, and ones that will be friendly and kind to you. Good faeries and bad faeries if you will. Even some of the good faeries can be harmful to humans without fully intending harm, though tricks and jokes and the like. Knowing this, traveling though faerie inhabited lands can be somewhat dangerous for an unsuspecting and unprotected traveler. And because of this people began coming up with ways to protect themselves from fair folk, good or bad. One such way is to turn your clothes inside out. Some sources say that doing this will make you invisible to them, others say that it will only protect you from their charms and spells. It’s handy either way. You never know right? …


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Fairy Mints

There isn’t anything special about the actual mints in this case, but if you like the idea of going around carrying a big tin with a fairy on it, this might be for you.http://www.accoutrements.com/shop/products/Fairy-Mints.html

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Benita Winckler

Winckler is a German artist who produces most of her work with computer software rather than the traditional paint or pencil methods. The results are stunning nonetheless.

Be sure to check out the rest of her work on her website  http://www.atelierwinckler.com/index.html

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The Fae sometimes give gifts as rewards or as payment, often in the form of gold. They’ll also give gold if they’re trying to buy their way out of something. Unfortunately faeries can be known for their greed and their trickery, and they will sometimes disguise leaves or rocks or something else worthless as gold. The disguise is called glamour, a topic discussed in a previous post here. The ‘gold’ will eventually turn back into its old and useless form when actually used as gold.

On that note, there is a non-faerie related form of gold that miners call fools gold. Back when everybody was on the gold rush band wagon some miner found a large amount of what they thought was gold, but when they got it checked out it was just gold coloured rock. The rock was called fools gold as a result.

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