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Disneyland Mermaids

I have never been to Disneyland, but apparently there are mermaids to be seen there! This is a video of a pair of mermaids hanging out in the pool at the Disneyland hotel.

Not only are there mermaids there now, but there have been mermaids there for some time! Here is some family’s home video of their 1964 trip to Disneyland. The mermaids are at 1:34 if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing.


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Bryan Beus

Beus is another digital fantasy artist. Not much of his work is faerie-centric, but he displays a definite skill and is worth checking out nonetheless.


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ThinkGeek.com has released a new electronic toy featuring a pet firefly in a jar. All it needs are batteries to keep it lit. For all of you faerie adventurers, a firefly lantern is much better than just a plain old lantern for searching out evil faeries of finding faerie homes, etc. It can even be your own personal Tinkerbell locked away.

Here is the website page http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/e90c/?cpg=yt

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Everyone knows that around Christmas time you have to be extra good, because if you’re not Santa won’t bring you any presents. Well… what if you were treated to a punishment rather than the reward system for bad behaviour? What if in fact there were serious… life threatening… consequences for being bad. In such a case we would meet the Krampus.

The Christmas Krampus is a mythological figure that appears in some mountainous-regioned European traditions. The Krampus accompanies Santa on his night long journey, and while Good Ol’ St. Nick gives good little boys and girls presents, Krampus on the other hand punishes bad children and warns them to be good. If he finds any particularly bad children, he stuffs them in a bag and steals the children away to maybe eat them later on. I bet you’re wishing for the coal now aren’t ya.

The Christmas Krampus looks kind of like a little devil. Some interpretations have sort of a yeti look, others a more traditional devil, complete with hooves and horns.

There are some histories and further information on these pages here.



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As you can guess from the title, this movie is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet… with gnomes. Going into this movie I quite honestly had very low expectations. As they stated in the movie itself, more than once, this is an old story that has been retold many times. However, though it took maybe half of the film for the story to engage me, it ended on a good note and I didn’t regret watching it.

The story takes place in the garden of a semi-detached house. The owners, last names Montague and Capulet of course, are a middle-aged to elderly pair or neighbours who loathe each other and toss insults at the other on site. Both neighbours have gardens and their garden ornaments seem to have adopted the feuding nature of their owners. One side is decorated in blue and the other in red. They either try to out-do their enemies by creating a better garden than their opponents, or more destructively, try to sabotage their enemy’s garden. On the night of one such sabotaging raid, Juliet sneaks out of her garden because she sees a beautiful flower that will make their garden superior. In samurai style, she disguises herself in a black sock (and has a fishing pole she holds like a katana) and proceeds to leap and run along the alley fences toward her goal. Gnomeo, escaping from a failed raid, sees  dark figure and intrigued, follows it to its unknown destination. He sees the flower also and as the two of the grab for it at the same time, their eyes lock and they are stunned by their attraction to each other (both in disguise). After a little flirtation stealing of the flower from one another, they fall into some water and their identities are revealed. And there continues the story of their deciding to meet secretly despite clan differences and the problems that arise. Will they ever be happy?!?!

Though the movie on the whole wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t overly clichéd either, which was refreshing. There were one or two side stories that varied the forbidden love theme to keep the viewer guessing. However it wasn’t at all a complex story line. An interesting little twist they did stick into the story however was a small chat Gnomeo has with a statue of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare statue listens to Gnomeo’s situation and says that he’s heard a story like it before, and that it ended in the lovers dying. Gnomeo then goes off to prevent this from happening to him. Elton John had a hand in the soundtrack so it’s pretty decent.

Overall, a nice movie if you want to introduce Shakespeare to children who don’t read, but not a classic.

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As some people may be aware, there is a recreational drug called Pixie Dust. It’s a combination of LSD, or ‘acid’, a hallucinogenic drug, and ketamine, or ‘the date rape drug’ a dissociative anesthetic used primarily by veterinarians that gives the user a sense of detachment.

In a way it’s kind of understandable how drugs can be related to fairies. Faeries- fantasy- escapism- drugs. There are many reasons people take drugs. It could be a peer pressure thing, or it could be an experimental phase, the need to please, or you could be dealing with some really horrible things in your life and just need to get away.

The last one kind of strikes a chord with me… not because my life is very hard, or because I’ve taken hard drugs, but because every once in a while, people just need a break. In a way, this is why fantasy exists. Sometimes people want to escape into another world, or want to venture off into another world. To do this some people play video games, some people use work, some people use fantasy, and some people use drugs. Excessive amounts of anything is not good… but somethings are better to go overboard with than others. If for whatever reason, you throw your self into work so as to avoid something and never have time for anything else, you may have absolutely no social life and may never laugh. But the positive side of that could be that you’ve probably got some cash in the bank and are maybe climbing some corporate ladder to ‘succeed’ in life. Alternately, if you take too many hard drugs, you will be antisocial just because you’re too inebriated to do anything but lay like an empty husk. There aren’t really many upsides to speak of to offset the negatives of this choice. Everyone indulges in a little escapism every once in a while, and that’s ok. Actually it can be fun, but if you end up depending on that escapism like a beat up housewife needs her man, go get some help because you need it… no matter which form of escapism you use. Choose your weapon wisely because in a way, it will define you.

Here are some drug links for more information.




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Bill Layne

BIll Layne (1911- 2005) was an artist known for his pin-up art and for some humourous hillbilly art. He also has a few fantastical pieces, featuring some mermaids, gnomes and fairies!

Here is a site displaying some more of Layne’s work, primarily his pin-up art  http://americangallery.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/bill-layne-1911-2005/

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