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Fabric Wings

These are a fun take on play wings. They look more like capes than wings so are probably a lot easier to store and move around in. And are probably way more fluttery šŸ™‚




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This site has a collection of bags, jewelry, and other accessories for the ‘free spirit’ (as the website states frequently). The products on this site are fun and whimsical and very ‘alternative/ gypsy-ish’. Chances are that you’ll have seen things like this somewhere else, but the prices are reasonable and the products are interesting.


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Fairies Pyjamas

Fairies Pyjamas is a fair trade clothing retailer that makes very flowing, loose-fitting clothing for both men and women. Some of the pieces are more obviously fae inspired than others, but the clothes are fashionable and you could wear most of them in a contemporary casual setting. Here’s the website. It has links to the online store, locations, a travel log, and a statement on fair tradeĀ http://thefairiespyjamas.com/

The pictures are from the facebook pageĀ http://www.facebook.com/TheFairiesPyjamas

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Fairylove.com is a great site to buy fairy wings. It has wands, accessories, tutus, and more, both for children and adults. http://www.fairylove.com/

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Fairy Steps is a site that sells handmade shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories. The products are very organic looking, and some really look like it could be fairy wear. Really cute stuff.


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Fairy Wedding

When people get married they usually pick a theme that shows up throughout the wedding. Some people pick colour combinations, some people pick locations, like a beach theme. And some people pick a faery theme. That’s right folks, step right up for your own custom faery wedding. We’re talking dresses, wings, wands, and dust. Enjoy!



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