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The Wasp is a member of The Avengers (Captain America, Iron man, Thor, …). She is able to control her size, either to shrink to the size of a bug or to grow very large. She is also able to fly, control bugs telepathically, and shoot people with blasts of energy. She is also married to Ant-Man, another Avenger.

Here is a segment of an episode featuring the wasp the Disney cartoon of the Avengers

And this is another fan vid with pictures of the Wasp


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Pixie (Megan Gwynn)

PIxie is a member of the new x-Men team. She first appeared in the comics as an unknown mutant in New X-Men: Academy X: #5 in 2004, and had her identity revealed and joined the X-Men a few issues later. Here’s a bio http://marvel.com/universe/Pixie_%28Megan_Gwynn%29

Pixie’s abilities are that she has pixie like wings that allow her to fly and pixie dust that causes hallucinations. An incident involving one of the other X-Men, Magik, ended up in Pixie loosing a piece of her soul, and as a result she could call upon the Souldagger, which is her main weapon. She was also given a bit of magic which she uses for teleportation.

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