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For all of you knitters out there, you can now knit your very own fairy friend!!

The creator states on the instructional page that this pattern should be easy enough for beginners, both adults and children. I don’t know all that much about knitting or sewing, but the pictures she put up look relatively easy to follow and the results are cute enough to make a few mistakes trying!!

If you have knitting needles, or know someone who does, why not give the wooly fairy a go! http://flutterbypatch.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-knitted-fairy-pattern.html

If you scroll down on the side bar to the section that is headed by ‘Free Knitting Patterns’, you’ll see some more of her doll designs.


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I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon this great site featuring play based learning. The activities of an elementary school was featured and they were making their own fairy garden!

This is a great activity for you to do with kids you know or see on a regular basis, because it’s something they can do with materials around the house, and it’s something they can go back to and keep working on and adding to. Some items you can use are popsicle sticks, egg carton cups, toilet paper rolls, etc. You can also use this as a chance to expand or introduce an interest in growing and caring for a plant.

The site is a wonderful resource for anyone interacting with children, take a look at some of the other posts as well as the fairy garden.


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Plant your own fairy garden!


there are several stores and sites that allow you to buy the products, which are basically miniature furniture, little figurines, and certain flowers.

Here’s a website that will help a lot http://www.gardenfairy.com/

It will help you find figurines and tells you which flowers to get to best attract fairies under the Plant a Fairy Garden tab.

And this is a good site to buy all of the paraphernalia to put in and around your garden http://www.miniature-gardens.com/

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Fairy Dust

Want your own fairy dust to apply at will? Well lucky for you efairies.com has a few products that might spark your interest.


For the younger girl in your life http://store.fairydust.com/glitter.html might be a better bet as it’s packaged in a more youthful way.

And for those who want a DIY version http://www.educatall.com/page/250/Fairy-Dust.html has a reasonably cost-effective recipe.

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Ever dream of having a faerie to come visit your backyard? well, faerie houses are the way to go. a faerie house is essentially a little house you can make, either out of natural materials like twigs or tree stumps or from old milk cartons or bird houses. after  you get your house, you can decorate it with different thing you find outside, like twigs, leaves, walnut halves, etc. and put a little something special inside to entice faeries to come visit, like sugar or dried cranberries or the like.

wikihow has a pretty straight forward 8 step guide to building your own faerie house. great for beginners. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Fairy-House

there’s also a series of children’s books by Tracy Kane about fairy houses, great to get the kids involved.. or more involved than they already are.

this site is another good faq for beginners http://www.fairywoodland.com/page.php?Fairy___Fairy_House_FAQs&page=4 I’m not crazy about the majority of the examples of houses they have on the website, but the furniture and other accessories are cute.


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