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Happy Fairy Day!

It’s that time of year again!! Time to reflect on and appreciate the magic and fantasy of every day life. Make sure to go outside today and revel in all growing things, and the fairies that might be lurking nearby. Above all, your mission for today is to approach life through the eyes of the child you once were. Innocence and wonder are the words of the day, use them wisely and have fun!

As always you can visit the fairy day website for some ideas on how to make the day a bit more special http://www.fairyday.com/index.html.

You can send some fairy day ecards to your friends and relatives also. The website above has some card selections available, but I like these sites better myself http://www.gardenfairy.com/ecards.htm


So have a good one folks! Try to spend some time with a small child, that will probably help you get in touch with your inner child.


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One of the most well-known fairies of the season are of courses Santa’s elves. There have been many different versions of elves over the years in as presented in movies and other media.

Most of what we know about elves we know because of movies or books. Here are some of the more popular films that have created what we know about Santa’s little helpers.

Elf– The story of a human who was raised by elves.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town– The elves take in Kris Kringle.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer– Hermes the elf doesn’t conform to ‘regular elf behaviour’ and wants to be a dentist. (So we see a little bit about what elf behaviour is by seeing what it isn’t)

The Santa Clause– elves don’t really play a large role in the film, but are essential in creating the mood of the north pole. They are also presented as children instead of little old men as others have done in the past.

There’s also a song by the Barenaked Ladies about how elves aren’t so happy doing what they do called Elf’s Lament. The whole album is pretty fun, it’s called Barenaked for the Holidays. here’s the band’s page on the album http://barenakedladies.com/music/barenaked-holidays

I recently discovered this book at a bookstore that comes with a little doll called Elf on the Shelf. The idea behind it is you put up the doll on the fireplace mantle or somewhere visible and the elf watches the children’s behaviour to tell Santa whether or not they’ve been naughty or nice. This seems just slightly creepy to me, and I have a feeling that I would have been more frightened of the doll than enchanted. It also seems like a cheap way to make your child behave by causing psychological trauma, but that might just be me. The doll also looks rather creepy. It comes with a book.  http://www.elfontheshelf.com/#/home

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As it is the Christmas season I thought I’d feature some Christmas faeries. Namely, the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The Sugar Plum Fairy is from the popular ballet, The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. The story of the Nutcracker is about a young girl named Clara who receives a nutcracker from her godfather as a Christmas present. That night she wakes up to find that the nutcracker has come alive and is fighting an army of evil rats. Just as the rat king is about to kill the Nutcracker, Clara throws her slipper at him to distract him and the rats retreat. The Nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince and takes Clara through the trees and across a lake in a nutshell boat into the land of the sweets, ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy. After the Nutcracker prince tells the Sugar Plum Fairy of how Clara saved him from the mouse king and the court puts on a performance to honour the heroine. They then make Clara and the Nutcracker prince rulers of the realm. In the movie versions of the story Clara wakes up thinking that it must’ve been all a dream and then meets either an apprentice or a nephew of her godfather’s that looks strikingly like the Nutcracker prince and there are hints that they’ll fall in love.

Many of the songs from The Nutcracker are recognizable, and the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is one of them, if not the most recognizable.

There are a couple of Christmas films or tv episode specials but my two preferred movies are the 1993 version of The Nutcracker, which has Macaulay Culkin in it and is basically a filming of the ballet.

The second is Barbie in the Nutcraker. Many people may feel hesitant and superior to the Barbie movies, but they are great movies with strong heroines and actual orchestras for the soundtrack. In my opinion it is one of the best film series for your average young girl, and the Christmas films are no exception.

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When people think of Iceland the first thing they think of is either some remote and cold island or Bjork. What most people probably don’t know about Iceland is the persistent belief in elves and trolls amongst some of the residents, and as a tourist one can actually go on a trail ride in Iceland to learn about the faeries.

The ride is 8 days long and essentially allows tourists to come in contact with the wilds of Iceland  as a tour guide informs you of the myths and legends of the area. And apparently you will do all of this while travelling with a wild pack of horses and will be able to ride a couple of different ones as the days pass. Sounds pretty amazing.


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As some of you may know (and as others may not) today, June 24th, is international fairy day! YAY

Fairy day is a day for lovers of fairies to take joy in the everyday magic in their lives. To reflect on their love of fairies and to share that love with others.

This is a great website dedicated to fairy day. It has games, activities for young and old, ideas, and free ecards to send around to friends to celebrate the day.


This paragraph is from the fairyday.com website and tells us just what to do on fairy day

What can you do to support Fairy Day? First and foremost, take a moment that day to remember the magic you knew as a child. In the midst of your busy schedule, take a good look around you, and see the beauty that lies in even the simple things. Go for a walk outside, smell a flower, hum a tune to yourself or dance under the stars. If you have a special friend who loves fairies, send them a fairy card, or a fairy gift. Have a fairy circle and talk about the history of fairies in ancient cultures. Tell a child a magical fairy tale and watch their eyes light up with pure innocence. Those of us here in charge of the official Fairy Day web site want you to simply remember that even in this mundane world, there is magic all around you.

This is where all of the activities are on the website http://www.fairyday.com/celebrate.htm

Have  a great fairy day everyone!!

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