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Fairy Mints

There isn’t anything special about the actual mints in this case, but if you like the idea of going around carrying a big tin with a fairy on it, this might be for you.http://www.accoutrements.com/shop/products/Fairy-Mints.html


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Fairy Eggs Bubble Gum

Have a hankering for some fairy eggs?  Well help yourself to some of these! Fairy egg bubble gum. I have no idea what flavour they are, the site below might say.


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Ice Wand Straw


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Food is important in the faerie realm. Court faeries are always feasting during their revels and hold sumptuous feasts of food. This food, though fine for faerie consumption, is not so good for mortals. If a human were to eat this food he or she may never be able to eat mortal food again. Even if he or she manages to make it home once again (which may not even happen. Getting drunk on the food or drink may make the person forget their home and stay in faerie forever more), their taste for faerie food will have spoiled for them the food they need to sustain themselves and will wither away inexplicably to friends and family.

image from http://www.herecomestheguide.com/images/articles/TrulyYoursCateringWFoodDon.jpg

There is also the belief that faerie food is just glamoured mushrooms or rotten apples.

Food is not only faerie to human, but human to faerie as well. To make peace with faeries, or to make friends, some people leave out a saucer of milk or some sugar at night for the faerie to take, almost like a peace treaty.

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The Fairies Cookbook is a fun little book for kids aged maybe 4 – 12 for the targeted ages, but I’m sure all young at heart will not be hindered by the bright colours and ‘recommended ages’.

While this book might not have the best recipes or the more ingenious food ideas, it is a fun book for little kids who like baking and fairies. All of the recipes are fairy themed and will range from just having some sort of sparkle or pink colour on the food to being shaped like fariy-esque items, like wands or masks. The recipes are pretty standard and they use easy to find and work to with foods, so in other words are kid friendly. Again, not the most amazing book out there, but it does put a little twist on regular desserts that would delight anyone obsessed in girly fairy things and would be a nice addition to any fairy themed children’s party. If you find that you do like this and want more of the same, this author has other books out that are similar to this, pink princess cookbook, mermaid cookbook, etc.

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Fairy Recipies

Fairygardens.com has put together a collection of fairy recipes, submitted by site visitors, that you can try at home! Be sure to check it out there are some cool ideas to try.


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Fairy Goblet


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