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Just in case you find yourself home tonight instead of out doing a valentine’s day¬†activity.. or if you find the whole charade an outrageous, exploitative farce, here is a valentine fairy dress up game you can kill some time with. http://www.dressupwho.com/valentine-fairy-7226.html


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This is a fun little spin folder that asks the eternal question… What would fairy do? There are several actions surrounding a picture of a fairy, and after flicking the spinner, the arrow will point a an action that you can do! Or try to do anyway.


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This is a computer game for PCs only, so if you’re a mac user you’re out of luck this time round.

The object of this game is to discover the secret of the fair queen, which you can do by traveling to different areas, playing various games and completing some quests.

Here are some screen shots of the game in action

Here is a promotional video from BigFishGames

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Faerie Solitaire

Here’s a faerie themed version of solitaire

Here’s a free download of the game http://www.spintop-games.com/board_game_download/faerie_solitaire.html

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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

This is a Play Station 2 role-playing game. Neopets is a website that allows users to create and care for virtual pets that live in the online world of Neopia. The video game is based on the website and takes place in Neopia. Two heroes must save the faerie kingdom from the dark faerie.

These are some in-game videos

Here’s a player video with a few scenes from the game

This is the neopets website page for the game http://www.neopets.com/thedarkestfaerie/index.phtml

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A Fairy Tale is a tile flipping game mini game you can download for your computer. Kind of like a majhong/ solitaire idea. There is a story line to this game and that is to help the fairies save the forest, which you can do by completing different levels. Games like these are horrible for me, I can lose hours playing… so why not get one that’s fairy themed?

There is a free trial you can download on the website http://www.afairytalegame.com/


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Fairy Story

This is an RPG computer game wherein you get to choose a character and go around killing stuff in order to save the world.

Here’s a vid of someone starting a new character

This is the website http://fs.game321.com/

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