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A professor in England says that he has captured fairy images on film! He claims to have spotted them over a two-year project of photographing the Lancashire landscape. Read more about the story here: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/fairies-john-hyatt-rossendale-valley-6909619


For those of you who feel that this is all a bit of nonsense, there is a theory disproving the pictures here.


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Fairy in the Garden

This video has a woman video taping kids in the back yard and they come upon something interesting near an old tree.

It’s obviously staged, but the cg’s pretty good.

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Yes, this is the famous author who created Sherlock Holmes and yes he wrote a book about fairies. As it says in the introduction in the link provided, Sir Arthur came to appreciate spiritualism and the occult and around this time the Cottingley hoax came into being. He obviously believed it, as the writing of the book would imply, but I think that things like this aren’t so much a show of gullibility as it is a display of one’s desire to believe. It might not be as exciting or ground-breaking as Sherlock Holmes was, but it is good for historical purposes and it also makes for some interesting cocktail party trivia.

Here’s a link to an online text of the book


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The Derbyshire Fairy

Fairy corpse found! … or not according to hoax-slayer.com, but in either case it’s an interesting tidbit

The article is on this site – http://www.hoax-slayer.com/derbyshire-fairy-hoax.shtml

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Remember Brian Froud’s Lady Cottington Series? well it was based off of this real life event. These two girls, the Cottingley sisters, staged the photographing of faeries.



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