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Pixie Dust

As some people may be aware, there is a recreational drug called Pixie Dust. It’s a combination of LSD, or ‘acid’, a hallucinogenic drug, and ketamine, or ‘the date rape drug’ a dissociative anesthetic used primarily by veterinarians that gives the user a sense of detachment.

In a way it’s kind of understandable how drugs can be related to fairies. Faeries- fantasy- escapism- drugs. There are many reasons people take drugs. It could be a peer pressure thing, or it could be an experimental phase, the need to please, or you could be dealing with some really horrible things in your life and just need to get away.

The last one kind of strikes a chord with me… not because my life is very hard, or because I’ve taken hard drugs, but because every once in a while, people just need a break. In a way, this is why fantasy exists. Sometimes people want to escape into another world, or want to venture off into another world. To do this some people play video games, some people use work, some people use fantasy, and some people use drugs. Excessive amounts of anything is not good… but somethings are better to go overboard with than others. If for whatever reason, you throw your self into work so as to avoid something and never have time for anything else, you may have absolutely no social life and may never laugh. But the positive side of that could be that you’ve probably got some cash in the bank and are maybe climbing some corporate ladder to ‘succeed’ in life. Alternately, if you take too many hard drugs, you will be antisocial just because you’re too inebriated to do anything but lay like an empty husk. There aren’t really many upsides to speak of to offset the negatives of this choice. Everyone indulges in a little escapism every once in a while, and that’s ok. Actually it can be fun, but if you end up depending on that escapism like a beat up housewife needs her man, go get some help because you need it… no matter which form of escapism you use. Choose your weapon wisely because in a way, it will define you.

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Medical Pixie Dust!!

While watching tv I saw a show that featured this little boy whose finger was chopped off by a door, and when he was taken to the hospital the doctor used a drug called pixie dust to grow his finger back! There was a bit of a debate as to whether or not the powder actually grew back the boy’s finger, but there is a powder out there and it’s being used to grow tissue back!

I did some looking on the internet after hearing this and found this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-563099/The-amazing-pixie-dust-pigs-bladder-regrew-severed-finger-FOUR-weeks.html that talks about a man whose finger was cut off in a model airplane accident, but was then regrown with this pixie dust. Pixie dust is made out of pig bladders, and was actually used to regrow human bladders at one point. Check out the article for more info. This is a picture from the website.

Apparently Pixie Dust is also being used on some of the soldiers in Afghanistan as well article here.

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