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This artist is amazing in how he attacks reality with his imagination. There is nothing more simple than a pencil drawing, and yet this approach to photography is so fresh and imaginative that it goes beyond a simple drawing/ picture. There was really only the tinker bell picture that was faerie-ish, but I was really impressed by the idea.. so why not. Check out the rest of his stuff on his website http://www.benheine.com/pencilvscamera.html


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Tracy Cornette is a faerie artist that presents a modern take on traditional folktales and faeries through her photography. She’s also compiled some of her work into small books or web comics, which you can check out, along with the rest of her work, on her site. http://www.grimmvisions.com/

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Ben Goossens

Ben Goossens is a surrealist photographer from Belgium.

Take a look at more of his work on this site here. It has a short biography and a few selected works.  http://photo.net/photodb/user?user_id=484267

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Believe it or not, Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid. She is a model, ocean environmentalist, and performance artist. She has always been interested in the mermaid myth, enough so to make being one her career. She has done photo shoots, commercials, and just some random swimming around in the ocean.

Check out more of her work here www.hannahfraser.com

And this site is strictly the mermaid stuff http://www.hannahfraser.com/mermaid/

Here is an interview on a show called Super Human, talking about her  livelihood

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So I went to a cottage with some of my friends and we went exploring. We boated over to an island and look at what we found hidden away in a spider web!

Photo courtesy of Modivus

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Tytaniafairy is a photographer who applies a special effect to her photos to give them a fairy twist. Her art was featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fae magazine. There was an article about her work within as well.

Here are some more examples of her work

You can check out her profile at



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Remember Brian Froud’s Lady Cottington Series? well it was based off of this real life event. These two girls, the Cottingley sisters, staged the photographing of faeries.



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