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A fairy circle, or ring, is a circle of magic created by or for otherworldly beings. See a previous post to get a brief definition of what a fairy circle, or fairy ring, is if you are not familiar. https://faeriesight.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/fairy-ring/


In various areas along the pro-Namib Desert in Africa, there are mysterious circles that are discs of grass on the ground, which evidently do not grow anything within the ring. You can read a more complete description here.


The original hypothesis was that bugs such as termites were creating these odd, but further studies proved that this may not in fact be the case. They argue that it may be a more ecological, a competition for resources, though that still doesn’t explain the shape. You can read their findings here.


Of course, there are also those who may be more whimsically inclined to theorize that there are more mysterious elements at work here. Maybe a supernatural force, an otherworldly spirit, a portal to another realm. What do you think?


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Magical fairy houses!

Click on the picture below to check out a list of magical houses… which one would you choose?


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In Scotland, there are streams leading to waterfalls and several pools called The Fairy Pools. These magical pools are located in the south of the Isle of Skye, in a place called Glen Brittle. I have never been there, but the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the place look very serene and pastoral. And for all of the places for the ‘Fairy Pools’ to be… a place called the Isle of Skye seems pretty appropriate.

Here is a walking guide if ever you happen to be in the area http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/skye/fairypools.shtml

In the video below, the reporter states that there are Rowan trees surrounding the area, which is a tree sometimes used for protection. She also states that selkies may be associated with the area, but she doesn’t go into any tale explaining why the place is called the Fairy Pools.

And here is a photo of the pools by photographer Julian Calverley, the picture is linked to his site.

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