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This is a fun little spin folder that asks the eternal question… What would fairy do? There are several actions surrounding a picture of a fairy, and after flicking the spinner, the arrow will point a an action that you can do! Or try to do anyway.



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ThinkGeek.com has released a new electronic toy featuring a pet firefly in a jar. All it needs are batteries to keep it lit. For all of you faerie adventurers, a firefly lantern is much better than just a plain old lantern for searching out evil faeries of finding faerie homes, etc. It can even be your own personal Tinkerbell locked away.

Here is the website page http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/e90c/?cpg=yt

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Glow In The Dark Fairies

Here are some little plastic fairies that glow in the dark! Decent toys for kids, or just little decorations to make a room a little more interesting.


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Fairy Finger Puppets

Fairy-shaped finger puppets for the kids! Not the prettiest things, but they’ll do their job.


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Schleich is a company that makes action figures for children. The figurines they make range from animals to knights to dinosaurs to Native Americans to fairies. And of course in this case I would be interested in the fairy figurines. The product line is called Bayala. It has figurines of fairies (standing, sitting, and on horse back), unicorns, and dragons. The line has figurines that will appeal to both boys and girls (and this is true for all of the lines, there are both male and female  figurines in each product line that involves humans). There are more on the website which you can check out for yourself here http://www.schleich-s.com/en/action_figures/collectables/product_range/world_of_fantasy/bayala_the_world_of_elves/index.html

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This wand is promoted as being for Harry Potter enthusiasts…. but there’s nothing on this wand that says Harry Potter so I say fair game for a faerie interpretation! Another amazing product from thinkgeek.com. My faerie sense are tingling.

Basically you can program this wand to act as a tv remote and by swishing it back and forth or up and down you can change the channel or volume.

This is the product page http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/home-entertainment/cf9b/?source=google_home_electronics&cpg=oghe1

And here’s there ad for it

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Renee Coughlan is an artist who makes beautiful dolls. All I can say is that I wish my barbies looked like this when I was a kid.


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