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This is a cute little cartoon by Silly Symphonies about a mermaid who is captured by a band of drunken pirates. All of the creatures in the sea begin attacking the ship to try to save the mermaid, the best of these is the octopus in my opinion. King Neptune, who was temporarily incapacitated, eventually frees himself and puts the battle to an end.


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Lost Girl

This is a contemporary fantasy/ paranormal murder mystery kind of series that features a succubus playing a PI.


The story begins with the heroine, Bo, working at a bar. Some sleazy guy tries to give her a drugged drink, and after she shuts him down he moves on to target a young girl. Bo follows them onto an elevator, and just before the guy is about to make him move on the kid, Bo makes a move on him. She kisses him… but the kiss turns into her sucking out his life force. The kid, Kenzi, follows Bo home and becomes her accomplice throughout the series. The police track Bo down and finds out that these two police officers aren’t exactly what they seem to be, and neither is she. They take her to a building and a guy tells her that she is fae, and like all of the other fae, she must choose a side to align herself with, light or dark. Bo chooses neither of these and instead strikes out on her own, with Kenzi, and ends up becoming a paranormal PI, to help people with potentially deadly problems others would just laugh off.



The episodes usually involve some sort of unexplainable problem like a kid who disappeared, or a senseless murder, something that is unfortunate, but can be passed of as an everyday issue, it doesn’t need an explanation. Bo however is hired, or somehow drawn into this situation and unlike other people, she digs a little deeper and finds out that there is something a little too fantastical about the situation to be normal, and then goes on to discover a different type of fae. Bo of course doesn’t know any types of fae, not even what she herself is (until it is explained to her) because she was abandoned by her fae parents to grow up with human foster parents. Her first encounter with her abilities is when she was having her first relationship with a boy. He would up dead. As a succubus, Bo gets energy from feeding off of desire and lust, but as a beginner, she is unable to control herself, and ends up killing whoever she tries to sleep with or kiss, as humans can’t take her power.


Bo’s ultimate objective is to find out who her parents were and why they abandoned her.


When I first heard of the series I didn’t really want to watch it. It sounded campy and cheesy and striving to be another CSI spinoff show. When I actually got into it however I really started to enjoy it. Yes it does have it’s share of cheesy lines, cheesy cheesy lines, but the story is good. A private investigator is actually a perfect occupation to introduce people who don’t know about the faerie world to the different kinds of fae. A PI ignorant of the fae is even better. If you’re not too comfortable with sexuality this show might make you a little uncomfortable. There isn’t any showing of parts, but it’s a show about a succubus, so sex will be involved. She has sex to heal herself as well as to feed, and she doesn’t pay attention to little things like gender. Where I am now in the show she has two potential lovers, rivals in love if you will, and one is a man, a werewolf, and the other is a human woman. As would be expected of a show of this nature, there is also a bit of gore. The show really grows on you though. I was skeptical at first, but I’m actually really looking forward to watching the next episode.


All in all I recommend that you check it out, as it’s pretty good! And informative.



Here is the intro of the show.


And here is Anna Silk talking about the series.


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This is a mini-series that the SyFy network put out (the same people who made the Tin Man mini-series for those who’ve seen that. If not I recommend that you do).

Have you ever wondered who Peter Pan was before he became Peter Pan and why he can’t remember who he is? Why isn’t he like the other lost boys and more like a faerie? Who was Captain Hook before he was Captain Hook and why does hate Peter Pan so much? What is Neverland and how did they all end up there?

This series is sort of an origins series and answers all of those questions and more. The story opens in turn-of-the-century London, England. Peter and the lost boys are a gang of pickpockets, who all report to one Jimmy Hook. Certain events result in them all being mysteriously sent to a foreign land, a foreign planet. From there alliances are made, and broken. Many things are discovered, both by the characters about this new land and themselves, as well as by the audience, as they discover how and why things are as they are in Barrie’s end product.

I’ve always loved the story of Peter Pan and I have to say that I really enjoyed this mini-series. There were some slip-ups here and there (like Peter’s new sensory abilities being able to locate the smallest things, but then failing when there’s a huge spider behind him). I thought the explanations were well done and plausible and the series over all was very active and imaginative. I was captivated from the outset, the story really drew me in and kept me wanting to know more. Other than the sensory thing, the one thing I didn’t really like was how Tinker Bell and the other fairies were depicted. I thought that there were many more options that would have been more successful, with either character actors or computer graphics. I was really disappointed when I saw the fairies. On a lighter note, Smee is played by the same actor that played him in Hook.

Overall, I recommend it.

Here’s the trailer

You can check the SyFy page for more info http://www.syfy.com/neverland

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This is a story about an elementary aged school girl named Hinamori Amu. She’s known as the cool girl, or the tough girl in her school because of her non-nonchalance and tough-guy attitude, but really, Amu is very different from her exterior. One day when she wakes up, there are three eggs in her bed, and one by one these eggs hatch into little guardian beings the represent who Amu would really like to be. Amu is recognized as a ‘character bearer’ and is asked to join an elite club at school called The Guardians, the members of which also have guardian beings of their own. As the plot progresses, Amu finds out that there is something or someone out there trying to take the dreams of children away and turn them into negative self-doubt, for some unknown and evil purpose. It is up to Amu, with the help of her new friends, to save the dreams of these kids and stop whoever is behind the attacks.

The basic premiss of the show is that all children have dreams and hopes and desires in regards to who they want to be when they grow up. Some may want to be really good at baking, some may want to be really good at art, some may just want to make other people happy. In the show these dreams are represented by eggs, which is nice in theory, I mean you give birth to this wish but don’t know what it is until it hatches into something. But I have to very honest, it’s only after watching two seasons of the show that I was able to stop cracking up at the whole egg idea (yes? yes.). To top it off there are these magical items in the show, a lock held by Amu, and a key held by one of her love interests, and these are called, wait for it…. the Humpty Lock. And the Dumpty Key. I laughed my way through the first ten episodes. I mean the episodes were good… but sometimes the execution was just ridiculous. Oh  Japan, how I admire and love you.

Aside from some funnier elements of the show, the story was actually really well done. The plot, while dragging in some places (as do most in the magical girl genre.. what with the capturing and everything), was surprisingly well thought out and intricate compared to others in the genre. The show is basically playing with the idea of having a dream or a goal, or even an idealized version of yourself that you’d like to one day achieve. But of course, everyone has doubts and fears, especially when what they’re dreaming for is very important, and sometimes that fear or that lack of self-confidence can get the better of you and make that dream seem impossible. One of the main objectives in the show was that Amu cleanse all of the ‘x eggs’ or the eggs that were consumed by self-doubt. While this got a bit tedious by the second season, for the most part a little lesson about the human psyche was learned with each cleansing. Sometimes through the dialogue of the characters, sometimes just by observing the situation. This is coming to me at a time in my life when I’m also struggling with these issues, so I might be over-playing the whole ‘finding yourself’ theme.. but it’s good.

The characters were also well done. None of the characters were one dimensional… which can sometimes happen in animes. There was at least one episode devoted to developing each of the side characters to augment the personality they usually display. I won’t go too much into character development because one of the best things about these kinds of shows it the anticipation of wondering when certain things will happen, and the surprise when they throw you something from left field. If you’re familiar with manga and anime, the surprises won’t be entirely shocking, but if you’re not… they might be. And if you’re not I suggest you get into it!! If you are willing to go there, I don’t know what it is, but the Japanese are some of the best when it comes to emotional turmoil, both romantically and not. Anime/ manga or tv drama, it is definitely something to experience.

But yes. All of the characters are pretty strong, each in their own way. And what I enjoy about Amu (in terms of personal strength) is that when the show opens she has this tough, ‘strong’ exterior that she almost hides behind, and many people might consider that exterior to be true strength, but as the show progresses she finds a new kind of strength. If I were to relate Shugo Chara! to anime’s that have come before it, I’d say that it’s a combination of Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. It’s like Sailor Moon because of the purifying souls idea, and the team of helpers that can all transform, but unlike Sailor Moon, Amu is very self-confident and doesn’t rely on some guy to fight her battles, nor does she enter into any unhealthy relationships. And it’s like Cardcaptors because the show is really about personal development and inner strength, but there it more magic and transforming than Cardcaptors.

So again, though some parts of the show might be hard to swallow at first, if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded with cute story about personal strength!

And just to clarify, the Guardian Characters aren’t technically faeries, but they look close enough… and some people could say that faeries are a representation of your hopes or wishes… and fairies are mentioned in the story!!!

Here’s the intro I watched the whole thing on crunchyroll.com. No this hasn’t been officially dubbed in English yet. Yes the manga (where the story originated) may be obtained and read in English.

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If the characters from our fairy tales came to life, and had to live day to day side-by-side us, who would they be? How would Snow White or Geppetto make a living? What would Little Red Riding Hood be doing? What would Jiminy Cricket look like? Well to find out, why not check out the new show on ABC, Once Upon A Time. From the creators of Lost, the show brings classic fairy tales into the modern day- to- day world.


The story begins with the waking of Snow White by Prince Charming, the end of the tale as we know it, and carries over to their wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding is interrupted by the evil queen who swears to destroy Snow White’s happiness, and the happiness of all who attended the wedding. Naturally there is a bit of an uproar at this news and Snow White is concerned for the future of her child. She asks to speak with Rumpelstiltskin, who is something of a prophet in this show, one with ‘the sight’, and he tells her that the kingdom is doomed, and only her unborn child can save them.


In another time and place, we meet a young woman named Emma whose job is to find people, and the day we meet her just so happens to be her birthday. Just as she’s about to dig into a lone celebratory cupcake, there’s a knock at her door and in comes a kid named Henry. Henry is the product of a teen pregnancy Emma had long since forgot about, and he’s come to take her back to the town he’s from, Storybrooke. He tells her that time has stopped in this town, and the inhabitants may never leave without something bad happening. He also tells her that all of the citizens of this town are fairy tale characters, but they can’t remember who they are. And craziest of all, he tells her that she’s Snow White’s daughter. Of course she thinks this kid is crazy, but after returning him to his home, she decides to stay for a spell. And here begins the story.

The series has just begun, so I feel like I can’t really say whether or not it’s good… but so far it’s good. The show aired a few weeks ago, and to be honest I avoided it. I have loved fairy tales all of my life, and know several of them very well. I read countless adaptations, seen various different representations on film, have more than one copy of the originals in compilation books I have been and continue to collect over the years. Needless to say there is a huge margin for error here… but so far I’m really enjoying it!


The plot thus far is as was previously stated: a curse by the evil witch has uprooted the characters of our favourite fairy tales from their happily ever afters and has deposited them in small town America. The characters apparently have not aged prior to Emma’s arrival and are living out their lives unhappily, oblivious of their true identity and what will bring them true happiness. The only one who seems to know everything from the outset is Henry, though we aren’t told what role, if any, he played in the fairy tale world. Mr. Gold may also be aware, but we aren’t given much information on him yet, aside from the fact that he owns the town. The plot switches back and forth from past events in the fairy tale world to the events happening in Storybrooke and together the two tales tell a story.

I’ve only seen 4 of the supposed 22 episodes in the first season, but I can already see the buds of some of the potential intricacies in play. I also like how they interpreted the characters they’ve presented so far. Snow White is a school teacher, the evil queen is the mayor, Jiminy Cricket is a shrink, Red Riding Hood is a suggestively clad waitress, etc. I thought they really made the characters come to life by placing them in a position that might allow people who don’t understand fairy tales to understand the story, and for those who do to gain a new perspective (without loosing the old of course). When I initially heard of the series I thought it would be more of a Faerie Tale Theater idea with each episode featuring a different fairy tale. It is that, but all of the fairy tales tie into a greater story, and some of the stories have been blended together, as well as set in the modern day. One of the things I feared the most was that it would take on a false, sexy/ romantic, overly dramatic without any substance, twilight spin that seems to be so popular as of late. The creators have thankfully refrained. These fairies do not sparkle. … well they do, but fairies are supposed to sparkle 😉 You get what I mean. I think that, so far, this show has done a really good job creating a serious drama about fairy tales.

Here is a trailer for the show

And here is an interview with the actors with clips from the pilot

And finally here’s the page on ABC. There is a fairy tale quiz on there, see how you do! http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time

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La Corda d’Oro

This is an anime about a girl who is entered into a music contest because she can see a fairy on the first day of school. The plot is a little bit like A Little Snow Fairy: Sugar, but unlike that one, La Corda is aimed at more of an adolescent audience whereas Sugar is more juvenile in its execution. Meaning that there wasn’t as much angst or as many love triangles. Sugar was much more effective than this one in terms of story line and progression, but this one did an alright job in conveying the love of music and the time that goes into nurturing your talent.

The story begins with the protagonist, Kahoko Hino, who is running late for the first day of class. All of sudden she hears someone calling out to her and discovers a small fairy flying toward her, very excited that she can hear him. The fairy’s name is Lili and lives at the school due to past events. Every year he finds a student that can hear him, he rings a bell, which signifies a school-wide music competition. Kahoko is chosen for the competition, which shocks the rest of the school because in a school is split into two sections, the students that specialize in music and the student who are in the general study program, and Kahoko is in the latter and knows nothing about music. To solve this, Lili gives her a magical violin that will allow her to play as long as she feels the music. As the competition progresses, Kahoko learns more about music and grows more and more self-conscious about the fact that she actually knows nothing about music.

In addition to the whole ‘finding yourself’ plot line, there is the romance part which is also central to this story. Besides Kohoko, there is one other girl (who is very shy) and 5 guys, all of which develop sort of a thing for Kohoko. Typical high school/ romance/ drama/ comedy anime.

Here’s the intro song to the show

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Twinkle, the Dream Being

This is a cartoon from the 90’s about a magical genie from planet possibility who turns his friends dreams into reality, and there is of course the evil Miss Diva who tries to stop him and enslave the planet. http://www.90scartoons.co.uk/twinklethedreambeing.php

Unlike most of the tv shows/ films/ etc I post, I’ve never actually seen or interacted with this show, but it seems faerie-ish. And try as I might I haven’t been able to find this show streaming anywhere! If anyone has seen it and has fond memories (or not so fond maybe), feel free to leave a comment about it.

Here’s the intro song, and it’s all I can find, so enjoy! (yes it is in another language, even though it’s from the US)

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