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This is a short story about a small family sitting down to breakfast. All of a sudden the little boy hears birds outside of his window and asks his parents if he can feed them. The parents say no but the boy keeps on about it. Then when he goes to the window he sees the little birds transform into little boys. His father finally gives into his pestering and tells him to get his shoes, but by the time he gets back the boys have changed back into birds.



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The Fairies

The Fairies is an Australian tv show ranging from the time period of 2000 to roughly the present, but was made in 2007 onĀ imdb. It’s a children’sĀ television show with very simple plots and a lot of song and dance.

Here’s an example of one of the songs

Here’s the website http://www.thefairies.com/

Image from http://www.thefairies.com/media/11636/0002.jpg

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