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I came across this artist on my virtual travels the other day and really loved the work. the colours used and the textures Kim plays with are soft and inviting, which contradicts the subject matter to some extent. Even though the pictures are composed with an evanescent dreaminess, the characters and landscapes hint at a hidden world not readily apparent, and a subtle sense of danger, very like faeries themselves. Check out the website for more http://www.tahraart.com/.


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Bryan Beus

Beus is another digital fantasy artist. Not much of his work is faerie-centric, but he displays a definite skill and is worth checking out nonetheless.


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Tomasz Maronski

Tomasz Maronski is a very talented digital fantasy artist.

Here are two websites featuring his artwork.  http://maronski.itsartmag.com/


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Hongjie Cao

A digital fantasy artist with some very enchanting illustrations. There is a very soft quality to the pictures that is slightly reminiscent of a hand-drawn piece, which I enjoy.

As a warning to those who will follow the link to the artist’s work, the first illustration is of a nude fairy, so be prepared for that.


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