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A fairy circle, or ring, is a circle of magic created by or for otherworldly beings. See a previous post to get a brief definition of what a fairy circle, or fairy ring, is if you are not familiar. https://faeriesight.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/fairy-ring/


In various areas along the pro-Namib Desert in Africa, there are mysterious circles that are discs of grass on the ground, which evidently do not grow anything within the ring. You can read a more complete description here.


The original hypothesis was that bugs such as termites were creating these odd, but further studies proved that this may not in fact be the case. They argue that it may be a more ecological, a competition for resources, though that still doesn’t explain the shape. You can read their findings here.


Of course, there are also those who may be more whimsically inclined to theorize that there are more mysterious elements at work here. Maybe a supernatural force, an otherworldly spirit, a portal to another realm. What do you think?


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Here’s a test to find out which type of mythological creature you are! It’s just a bit of fun, but it also gives you a brief description of your ‘creature’ and a little bit of personality typing. Check it out! I am an elf apparently.


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It was recommended that I check out the sketches of this artist, and am I ever glad for the tip! The sketches were pretty good, but the finished illustrations are very imaginative and ethereal. He really seems to connect with that fairy energy, and most of the poses and colours he used in his pieces capture that magical, other-worldly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. He currently has a couple of books out, information on which you can find on his own sites. Links below.

This is his website, feel free to check out more of his work: http://www.art.zaprasza.eu/Author.php?user_id=78

His blog: http://mythwood.blogspot.ca/

And his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Art-of-Larry-MacDougall/188673064483664

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Happy Fairy Day!

I wish you all a happy fairy day! Take some time today to appreciate the magic and wonder in your own life!!

The image below was created by an artist named Mike Maihack. Check more of him out here http://cowshell.com/index.php.


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Fritz Zuber-Buhler

Fritz Zuber-Buhler was a Swiss artist who lived in the 1800’s. Most of his paintings are portraits, but he does have some fairy ones.

The provided link tells you more about his life and the time period he was painting in. The last half of the second paragraph provides a brief explanation of the picture in colour ‘Spirit in the Morning’ and how it fit into his style. http://www.rehs.com/fritz_zuber_buhler.html.


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Why not celebrate this valentines day with some vintage, fairy-themed valentines day cards.

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This is a fun little spin folder that asks the eternal question… What would fairy do? There are several actions surrounding a picture of a fairy, and after flicking the spinner, the arrow will point a an action that you can do! Or try to do anyway.


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