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Here’s a test to find out which type of mythological creature you are! It’s just a bit of fun, but it also gives you a brief description of your ‘creature’ and a little bit of personality typing. Check it out! I am an elf apparently.



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This is a cute little cartoon by Silly Symphonies about a mermaid who is captured by a band of drunken pirates. All of the creatures in the sea begin attacking the ship to try to save the mermaid, the best of these is the octopus in my opinion. King Neptune, who was temporarily incapacitated, eventually frees himself and puts the battle to an end.

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Believe it or not, Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid. She is a model, ocean environmentalist, and performance artist. She has always been interested in the mermaid myth, enough so to make being one her career. She has done photo shoots, commercials, and just some random swimming around in the ocean.

Check out more of her work here www.hannahfraser.com

And this site is strictly the mermaid stuff http://www.hannahfraser.com/mermaid/

Here is an interview on a show called Super Human, talking about her  livelihood

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Daniela Uhlig

I really like this artist’s style. She doesn’t only do fairy art… in fact the other subject matter far out numbers the fairy art. You can check it out here http://www.du-artwork.de/index.html

And on a completely unrelated note she also has a fan pic of the cat bus and totoro from the movie my neighbour totoro!!!

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Mary Baxter St. Claire is a wonderful Fairy artist and is actually featured in my header (in case you were wondering).

This is her website http://www.enchantedislandstudio.com/index.html

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Tytaniafairy is a photographer who applies a special effect to her photos to give them a fairy twist. Her art was featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fae magazine. There was an article about her work within as well.

Here are some more examples of her work

You can check out her profile at



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