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Here’s a test to find out which type of mythological creature you are! It’s just a bit of fun, but it also gives you a brief description of your ‘creature’ and a little bit of personality typing. Check it out! I am an elf apparently.



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Schleich is a company that makes action figures for children. The figurines they make range from animals to knights to dinosaurs to Native Americans to fairies. And of course in this case I would be interested in the fairy figurines. The product line is called Bayala. It has figurines of fairies (standing, sitting, and on horse back), unicorns, and dragons. The line has figurines that will appeal to both boys and girls (and this is true for all of the lines, there are both male and female  figurines in each product line that involves humans). There are more on the website which you can check out for yourself here http://www.schleich-s.com/en/action_figures/collectables/product_range/world_of_fantasy/bayala_the_world_of_elves/index.html

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